Monday, April 11, 2011

Dog Euthanized in Oshawa Animal Cruelty Case

This is a news article from, from a case that occurred on the eleventh of April:

"Two people are facing animal cruelty charges after the Durham Humane Society discovered a dog in a backyard shed of an Oshawa home.
A German shepherd was removed from the shed, described as "deplorable" living conditions, and taken to a veterinary clinic for assessment and treatment. The dog was later euthanized due to its severely compromised health.
"In this line of work, we see many unfortunate things but to witness such intentional cruelty and the deliberate infliction of so much suffering on an animal is heartbreaking," says Debby Houghton, animal cruelty investigator with the Humane Society of Durham Region.
Two individuals from the Oshawa area have been charged under the Ontario SPCA Act with permitting distress. The first court appearance is scheduled for May 10.
The humane society would release no further details, and withheld the names of those charged."

This is horrible. If you can't look after a pet, don't get one. If you can't look after a pet anymore, don't keep it somewhere you think will be ok for them. Here are some things to do with pets that you just can't take care of anymore:
Find a person that is willing to take care of you pet, but only if you're sure that they will take good care of it,
Ask friends, family and colleagues if they are willing to or know anyone who is willing to take in your pet, only if you check out the new home for your pet first, and finally, if all else fails,
Look for a trustworthy animal shelter that will take your pet in that has good conditions and places for animals.

That's all! But remember, if you are still able to take care of your pet, don't give up on them!

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Zoraz said...

What do people GET out of abusing animals???????????????????? Nice post! Hopfully people are going to start helping with things a lot more. I am thinking about going to the local *really nice* shelter and volenteering there for a while.