Saturday, April 9, 2011

April! Let's Make It A Month To Remember!

As the title says; lets do it! Go out to your pet, somebody elses pet, any animal wild or tame and do somehting kind for it whether it is feeding it, giving it something to do so it's not bored, playing with it or even just giving it a couple pats on the head. Do something nice for an animal--there! Didn't that feel good? Go to your local shelter! Offer to walk a dog, socialize a cat, train one of the animals or even adopt one! Do you have wild bird in your area? Make a bird feeder!
Get a pinecone, cover it in honey, cover the honey with bird seed, oats, barley, wheat, anything you think birds would like.

Do a good deed for the Month Of April. Spread the word! Help animals everywhere!

And to make it better, tell everybody what you did in a comment here!

Mine: Went out and trained all four dogs, played with them. Fed the cats and the birds. Soon to make a Bird Feeder.


Cute Cockapoos said...

If I can find the picture, I'm going to show people what can happen if they litter...My sister took it. Poor goose:(

Cute Cockapoos said...

We should have more posts in April, which is no animal cruelty month. I'll come up with as many posts as possible!