Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello there, my name is Jessica Brown and I'm now a contributor to this blog. I'm proud to be part of such an amazing project. I do have another blog, which is very different from this one. However recently I have been posting about animal cruelty. I had made a post about PeTA and their darker side which I would like to share here as well:

As I have said I joined PeTA yesterday and since been researching it. It has left me feeling quite conflicted. I agree with some of their efforts, I believe animals shouldn't be killed for their skin, animals shouldn't be hunted for fun, all animals should be treated with respect. However, it seems some of PeTA's views are very radical and ignorant.

They believe animals should not be tested on. Which to me is ridiculous, the pro's outweigh the con's. We have made so many advancements with the help of animal testing. PeTA believe animals should not be kept as pets or even used to guide the blind. I won't even comment on such a claim. They believe no animal should be killed for food. Humans have survived by abiding to the food chain. I believe too many animals are killed creating a surfeit. It depends on the individual, would you rather have a surfeit where some are killed for no reason or have meat in abundance.

PeTA kill a lot of animals without reason, with a $33 million annual budget animals should be homed. However, 90% of these are euthanized. They spend too much money on adverts and getting celebrities to join their cause. Maybe this is a case of a Utopian idea that has since become corrupted and disillusioned. Or is it like any organisation, having a some members who push boundaries too far?

I believe they have some good ideas and they have achieved a lot of great things but like everything, they have a fair few dark secrets (that they refuse to comment on). All people with a belief and a goal want to find others who share their way of thinking. They want to group together and discuss their views, protests and actions. We like to be around those who understand us. The people for the ethical treatment of animals provides this, but brainwashes some into adopting anarchistic beliefs.

I feel pretty cheated to be honest and shocked. I held a lot of respect for this organisation.

Feedback and opinions are very welcome :)


Emily Rose said...

Thanks for shedding some light on the subject. Animal testing is very complicated to me. I feel as though certain scenarios are useful, like you said, but if they are testing my lip gloss, I am NOT OK with that.
Your post was very informational, and well verbalized. I can't wait to see what you write about in the future!

Jessica Brown said...

Thank you so much. And I agree, it should only be for medical advancements, never for make up. I look forward to writing more :)

Unknown said...

NO..NO..NO.... you have been duped!!!

I have been a member of PETA for 5 years (I am not a vegetarian) and have researched them fully. Many.... MANY.... groups from agribusiness through pharmaceuticals spend hundred and hundreds of thousands of dollars annually (!) sending out and posting phony information about PETA to discredit the work they do. I once did a presentation on this (I teach at a university). Wish I still had it. I would post it. They employ multiple lobbing firms that also represent such firms as the pro-cigarette/smoking organizations. PETA is what they say they are. DO NOT BELIEVE NEGATIVE INFORMATION. Don't let the 'big boys' take you for a ride.

Cute Cockapoos said...
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Brooke said...

PETA has never been on my good side for the most part. They have been cruel to animals and even gone back on their words.

I'm a Vegetarian and the reason I am is because the way animals are treated in factory farms. Many of the meat we eat today is very bad for us. Since when do cows eat cows and feces? I'm not against people eating meat, I'm against people eating nasty factory meat. Do as you please, but it is unnatural what people do to those animals.

I also think testing is wrong, cruel, and should be illegal. It's inhuman and sick. Twisted, cruel things like that should be banned (in my opinion) throughout the world. Okay, I'd let it slide for medical use, otherwise it doesn't work (animals are not humans-how can it work?).
People test on animals for makeup, candy, and all of that crap that we can use/eat and deal with what we have. Do we really need a newer and chewier flavor of Twix? Mascara that can make our eyelashes longer and fonder? No.

Obviously, I disagree with you (and many people) on those two subjects, and most likely many more. I just can't see how someone could say slicing an animal to bits is cruel and not burning their eyes out with mascara is perfectly humane.

Also, people are completely brainwashed with Vegetarians. I'm living proof that they can be healthy! It's annoying, hollow-minded, and just stupid to think that everyone needs meat to live. I think I've made my point.

Cute Cockapoos said...
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Brooke said...

Sorry, I re-read my last comment and I didn't completely like it, but what I said I believe is true.

I have to disagree with you. Vegans are healthy as well and they don't drink milk. Many Vegetarians do, but many think it's unethical. You can get a lot of protein and more from other foods. I eat some 'fake meat' that has more protein in two slices than four slices of every day meat. In fact, most Americans consume too much protein.

Cute Cockapoos said...
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