Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Send a Letter to the President for a National Adopt a Pet day!

FreeKibble (a site that gives free meals to dogs and cats in shelters for each trivia question answered) is partnering with Tails Magazine to send 100,000 letters to President Obama, asking for a Presidential Proclamation for a NATIONAL ADOPT A SHELTER PET DAY. The deadline is September 30th. So far over 200,000 letters have been sent. You can send one each day! Go here to send a letter to the President! Only your first name, hometown, state and email address is needed, so visit every day to send a letter.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for your sweet comments and for following ~Life as we know it~

Don't settle for anything less then what you want in a husband.God already has the one for you and that lucky guy has everything you need/want in a husband....Don't let the world tell you anything else,just wait and stay pure,then you'll find the one and you'll be oh so happy :)...just remember God thought you were to die for.

~In Christ~

Brooke said...

I'll send that letter soon.