Saturday, December 26, 2009


Have you ever seen a fox before? With it's beautiful fur? Well, some people capture and kill animals such as foxes because they want the fur. They want the fur fr their own greedy purposes, such as fancy clothing or sell the fur for money. But what happens to the animals? The animals suffer because fur hunters don't have the procedure painless. Instead, they use wire, traps and snares to trap the poor animals. Some animals even try to bite their own bones and limbs off to get free of the trap. That just shows how much it really hurts. When the hunter finally frees them, it's already too late. It's just incredibly sad. Here's a chart i got from that shows how many animals it "takes" to make the clothes.

Number of target      animals in 40" coat Number of 'Trash'    animals per coat      Total hours spent in a trap

Coyote                                            16                                        48                             960                      

Lynx                                                18                                        54                            1080

Mink                                               60                                        108                           3600

Opossum                                         45                                        135                           2700                  

Otter                                                20                                        60                            1200                  

Red Fox                                           42                                        126                          2520             

Raccoon                                           40                                        120                           2400                  

Sable                                                50                                         150                         3000                       
Seal                                                   8                                           -                              32                       

Muskrat                                            50                                        150                         1500              

Beaver                                              15                                          45                            225                                                                              


- Statistics from Skin Trade Primer by Susan Russell, published by Friends of Animals

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Cherry said...

greedy people!

abigail viktoria said...

Yea! Nobody really needs fur coats!!

alina said...

Yep, they are greedy! I'm actually a vegetarian.

♥Warriors101♥ said...

Yes, I agree! And Shadowflower, I disagree with you, ANIMALS need their fur coats.

Carolyn said...

I once found a great horned owl caught in a leg trap. He'd been trying to fly with it for several weeks when my dogs found him in the woods. I was riding my horse, so I galloped home, got a friend and we went back with a blanket to throw over him so we could get him to a vet. He had a six-foot wing span and was so incredibly beautiful and he fought so hard to live, but he didn't make it. He was too weak from starvation. I wish they'd put the hunters' legs in their own traps and let them see how it feels. These traps should be outlawed. Domesticated animals get in them, too.

♥Warriors101♥ said...

Thats so sad! At least you were there to help and let the owl be cared for in his final days. :'(

Willowfeather said...

Peoples! Where FAUX coats it looks exactally the same expect it fake! Beautifull animals are dying for our fashion when they should be living thier life! No one should where fur coats! It doesnt even make any sense,same quanlity for a fuax coat!

Anonymous said...

My opinion on fur is probably going to get some snappy replies, but...

We have some furs from my great-great-grandmother. I LOVE THEM. They are amazing. And they're so old, it's not supporting trapping. So I'm fine with 100+ year old furs, but not new ones.

And also, what about leather? You gonna stop wearing those 20's pumps you found at a yard sale? It's the same thing.

Amy♪ said...

I always wear FAKE fur. And i don't give a shningle about shoes. Plus, leather can be replaced with other things, can it not?