Friday, December 11, 2009

Misunderstood for Funny

I've seen things that say "Fattest Cat" and people will think it's funny. That's not true. Fat cats live sad lives, and it's not the right way to live for a human, or a cat. The same goes for any other animal. It's actually considered animal cruelty. Their was a cat that lived longer than any other cat and it ate bacon and drank coffee all day (says the book) but that doesn't mean that your cat will live that long living off stuff that is bad for humans.

Tips for Preventing a Fat Pet
  1. Don't feed your pet scraps.
  2. Don't "spoil" your dog with food from the fork.
  3. Don't ever give your pet candy or sweets. It can kill them.
  4. DO let your pet run outside (if a four legged animal) and if a bird, let them stretch their wings outside of the cage.
Those are a few things that you should think about. If you have any tips, please comment with them! The more information for others (and yourself) the better.



Eskän said...

Definitely! I agree! My cat is starting to get pudgy because my mom stopped buying hi indoor formula and I gave her an earful!

[Lauren] said...

I agree about the tips, but aren't the pictures photoshopped?

Kinga said...

I agree. A fat pet won't live as long and won't have a good quality of life.

Amy♪ said...

I'm glad my cat is perfectly healthy at the moment. I have just found out about this blog, and i agree with everything it says. i'll be posted!


Brooke said...

Actually, I'm not sure. They might be, but their ARE fat cats, and the fact that people think those images are funny is just my point. I didn't photoshop them BTW, I just put a bunch of them together.

But yes, they might be. No cat-even photoshopped-should be laughed at for being fat.

And try to keep your cat in good shape! If your cat is, keep up the good work!