Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Animal Abuse Firsthand

Two days ago, I was walking to school when I saw, in front of my neighbor's house, the poor, poor victim of abuse.
  I don't know how he got there, or what his story is, but he was there. A black dog, curled up on the ground, unmoving, with some blood on his back.
  Luckily, I spotted this from a distance and crossed the street before reaching the place in which the late animal lay. So I don't know for sure if it was a dog, or how bad its wounds were, or any other details. But it was there. That's all that matters.
  You're probably thinking that this poor dog was just accidently hit by a car, but it was in the bike lane. In my town, nobody drives in the bike lane, and the people who live in the house by this are very nice and they never park on the street, so I know it wasn't them.
  My best bet is that this dog's owner abused him/her and then dumped him/her there.
  Fortunately for me, this dog had been removed by the time I had to walk home, so I didn't see it again, but it runined my whole day, and I am still a little freaked out by it.

  We can stop this if we all work together. Join the blog and help us!


Anonymous said...

{edited for mild language}

Brooke said...

That's horrible.

[Lauren] said...

That's so sad!

MadiShae said...

Poor dog/animal. It could have beena cat. Thats the kind of animal cruelty we need to stop. I can't wait to have my fundraiser.


Emma said...

that's HORRIBLE!! wow!

oboe.chick said...

Oh my gosh! That is terrible! I will join this blog!


Unknown said...

I know, it sucks. But I'm pretty sure it was a dog, as it was pretty big for a cat. And Olive Tree, I'm sorry my word choice offended you. I am also opposed to even mild launguage, but sometimes when I'm mad I don't actually notice what I'm typing. Sorry! And about the poor animal, I can still see a bloodstain on the pavement which just about makes me want to cry. Very depressing. But I hope this blog will raise awareness!
-Natacat(author of this post)