Saturday, November 14, 2009


I read Petalstar's lowe's post and I was reading the comments and Eskan wrote PETION PETION! So it gave me an Idea to do a blog petion.You put your first name or your blog name and then once we get a lot of signatures we'll give the link to lowe's and then we could stop the glue.If you aren't a team member on this blog just post a comment below the post and then I or another Team Member will post you blogger name or first name.
No more Glue Traps!

  1. Tanlines From Flip Flops

  2. Petalstar

  3. Eskan

  4. Emma

  5. Natacat

  6. .Kinga

  7. *Brooke*

  8. Dreamstar

  9. Fallenleaf

  10. Shadowflower

  11. Tessa
  12. Cherrystarluv
  13. Olive Tree
  14. Autumstar


Petalstar said...

I'll add my signature!

Eskän said...


Emma said...

3. Emma

Kinga said...

I'll add mine too!

Natacat said...

Me to! I don't know how to add my name through the post though. But I'm signing!

Anonymous said...

But glue traps are good to get rid bugs and stuff you don't want in the house.

Petalstar said...

No, they're to get rid of little animals! And still, even if they did only kill bugs, they're still bugs!

*Sunstar* said...


PetSmart doesn't sell them, but uses them to catch bugs. At least they put any harmed animal in the vet as soon as they are caught.

Dreamstar said...

Add mine

fallenleaf said...

add mine :)unter

*Brooke* said...

I'm actually *Brooke* now.

~Sunstar is now Brooke

shadowflower said...


Tessa said...

Add mine too! Tessa

☮CherrystarLuv✿ said...

add mine too please!



Autumnstar said...


Goldenstream said...


niliwolf said...

mine too