Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New blog inspired by voice

I had a really weird thought.
Voice is awesome so I got
an inspiration streak!
I made a blog similar to voice...
It's called Speak from your soul.
here's the link please follow and or contribute!
I think voice should not be in one place but two!
All of you are welcome to it and even if I don't agree with your
post I will NOT DELETE!
You to Brooke, if you think I'd exclude a good writer you are wrong!
click here to see the blog!
Thank you and I am not advertising!
If you don't agree keep it to yourself!
Remember if you do join don't forget
there are now 2 voices and we can't
Forget about the founder...VOICE!
I am not trying to ruin voices flow!


✿Sunstar✿ said...

I think you're a great writer. Just because I don't completely agree with you doesn't mean I don't think you write very informative, interesting to read posts. I'd like to visit your blog. I think it's a great idea.
Do you think I have something against your or something? LOL! I hope you don't have anything against me.

*Demoncat☠ said...

No of course not!
I forgive easily!
Plz tell Dreamstar
that her puppy might be healthy
but his parents are not!
the parents that are stuck in
a breeders house!
that are sick and forced to

✿Sunstar✿ said...

I've tried to tell her but she doesn't seem to believe me. Hopefully she does soon!

I'm happy I'm forgiven! LOL! I hate forced breeding. It makes me sick to think someone would do that. I wrote a story on puppy mills (I don't know if you read it).