Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Destruction of the Destroyers (poem of hate, anger, and stranger...)

This poem is TRUE! Yes, and horrible in a good way.

As I look across the street I hear dogs.
As I drive on by I see dogs.
Chains around the pit bull's neck
screaming of their latest regret.
They only say what they see.
Save me, love me, don't make me...

I go on YouTube I see animals.
Crying for mercy, begging for life.
As I comment about their pain others laugh at their might.
I say I hope what has been done is done straight to you.
Other comment, give me thumbs down, others love me blue.
I scream of their pain, their useless means of death
others come around the corner, none of them named Beth.
They say they hope the animal dies of excruciating pain.
To them I say and I mean what I say I wish on them to be sane.
I know the poem was off and on track, but it IS true words of meaning, is it not? Comment and tell me what you think.


Kiki said...

That was cool... it evoked the right kind of mood. I really like it!

Goldenstream said...

That was very touching. That was a great poem.

*Brooke* said...

Thank you guys! It really did come from the heart. My neighborhood teaches me things-things that you would never want to be taught.


Anonymous said...

nice poem! Touching!


*Brooke* said...

Thank you Shadowflower!


niliwolf said...

That is very touching and well wrote. I love it

Rosey Canyonrose/Rosey Spiritrose said...

:)That was good.(: